Why Portugal?

Here it goes….my first blog post. Eeek!

I am due to marry my legend of a fiance Simon in a lovely little fishing called Burgau in Portugal this September.

Simon and I

If we had a pound for every time someone asks us ‘Why Portugal’ we would be super rich I can tell you. So before you ask, I’m going to fill you in. You might want a cup of tea and a biscuit for this one….

The first day we spent together almost 7 years ago was actually the day we told each other we didn’t want a traditional wedding in the UK. Talk about jumping the gun hey? We hadn’t even been on a proper date at that point! We knew from that day we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, it just took him almost 6 years to pop the question!

One rainy day in January 2015 we sat down and decided to look in to where looked nice. We have been extremely lucky to have travelled far and wide but nowhere had hit the spot as a potential wedding location. Plus, if we decided on somewhere new we would have to go and do a reccy right? Any excuse for a holiday! It turns out, if you DO want to get married legally,  on the day in your chosen country it isn’t that easy to find somewhere without lots of hoops to jump through. The Government has a little tool on its website which is a great place to start when planning your location. Click the link and it will take you through a series of questions and will summarise with a (not always entirely accurate) list of info that you will need before you can even invite anyone.

Gov screenshot

To cut a long story short we chose Portugal as it seemed the easiest place on the list to get married, it wasn’t too long a flight from the UK and it would be hot in September. We came across so many rules for other countries who want you to live there for a month before your wedding day. Who can get that much time off work? There were countries where you can only get legally married if you’re Catholic, we’re not so that ruled those ones out. There was even one country (not sure where now) who insisted on blood tests first, this didn’t sit right with us at all.

So, with that decided – and I must say it was Simon who did a lot of the hard work that day – we booked a cheap 3 day package to the Algarve to plan plan plan!




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