Hypermobility and the rest of the world!

Anyone see this pic doing the rounds over the last few weeks?

Cross Legged Woman on Tube
Photo borrowed from the Daily Mail

This really got people talking. Can you sit like this? Have you tried? Chances are you can’t but we’ve all had a bit of fun having a go. What got me interested in covering this un newsworthy story were the comments I saw on the Facebook post of the same story shared by Metro. In the article we were all told that according to Postural Alignment Specialist Ameet Bhakta this lady has Hypermobility but we are not to worry. If we can cross our legs like this then all is fine, there is just a small minority who have Hypermobility.

What the article failed to mention is that alarmingly a high number of people suffer from Hypermobility Syndrome. I got chatting to quite a few ladies who all seem to suffer in pain and discomfort every day. The illness affects us all in many different ways but what we can all agree on is the relentless pain at times, the fatigue, the weakness and the overall discomfort. Every day I feel like I come across as a hypochondriac – I’m not one at all, it’s the hypermobility syndrome working its way around my body on a day to day basis. Yesterday for example my tummy was bad, it’s common for hypermobility and IBS to go hand in hand. Today it’s my head and bruxism where I grind my teeth so much that I can feel them moving. Tomorrow I may well be fine or I well have a debilitating headache. Your guess is as good as mine.

So many people fail to understand what hypermobility means and how it affects each individual person. My family don’t, well that’s actually a bit harsh, when they remember they do but sometimes I think they’re fed up with whatever they might hear me wince about when I am with them. My fiance totally gets it but there isn’t anything he can do and usually I can function so I just have to carry on. My friends on the other hand, no matter how many times I explain it to them just don’t understand or even remember I don’t think. Invisible illnesses do that, if you haven’t got something visibly wrong with you, if your leg isn’t in a cast or you’re not frothing at the mouth it gets forgotten. That’s fine, but please understand that I can’t shop til I drop anymore, I have to go slow and steady with regular stops. I can’t get drunk anymore unless you want the syncope (fainting) and hangover symptoms to start halfway through my third drink. I can’t wear high heels anymore – my feet just hurt too much to even entertain it. There are so many little things that make it a constant reminder even if you are having a good day.

So, this little blurb that I didn’t plan, is just to say that if you suffer from hypermobility and you want a friend then follow this blog – you can comment anytime. If you don’t suffer but are interested in learning more please ask away. I am still learning, every time my health throws something at me it’s normally a new experience. We can all learn and educate and put up with it together.

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