Me Black and White

My name is Faye and I am really pleased that I have finally found the time to write a blog. The Hypermobile Bride came about as I planned my September 2016 wedding in the Algarve. The things I have learnt about planning such an important day in Portugal from my little desk or sofa in the UK are too important not to pass on.

So you obviously get where ‘Bride’ comes from in my crazy blog title but many of you may be thinking ‘what the hell does Hypermobile mean?’ I have Hypermobility Autonomic Dysfunction. I’m not ill (at the moment) but I do live with a chronic and invisible condition that deserves more coverage and understanding than it currently gets.

So, along with all things travel, wedding and health I will also be touching on other topics that make me happy like eating, reading and whatever takes my fancy at the time.


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