Getting Married in Portugal

The fact that you have found my blog makes me extremely happy! Thank you, I hope you’ll visit often.


If you’re getting married in Portugal, or if you are just at the ‘where shall I get married’ stage then great! Congratulations too, it’s an exciting time that really doesn’t need to be stressful.

I don’t know about you but we wanted our wedding to be different to everyone else’s.It seems that everyone just goes with the same format, great, if it suits you but it didn’t suit us at all. We wanted our wedding to stand out for being different. Yes it would be a risk, what if no one came? What if our friends and family weren’t happy about it being away from the UK? The answer is do what the two of you want to do, don’t plan your wedding day around other people. This is supposed to be the best day of your lives and doing it how you want is so important. You don’t want regrets.

When we decided to plan our wedding in Portugal I found it really hard to get help or advice. There weren’t too many information points with clear and concise facts about the process. If I can help one happy couple organise their big day then great, that’s all that I want, to ‘pay it forward’, pass on everything we have learned to someone else who will have just as much fun planning as we have and still are.

Our wedding day is just over 4 months away, yes we are still planning and things are ramping up now but it’s exciting and I will fill you in, every step of the way.

Keep in touch, if you have any questions then please leave me a comment.


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