The Top 10 Must Visit Destinations for 2017

Ok, they might not be THE Top 10 destinations but they are MY Top 10……


Yep, if you haven’t been, go, I insist. I love it in Vegas, I’ve been more than 5 times but my last visit was in 2008 so it’s been a while since I pounded the pavement of the strip and gambled some money away whilst drinking complimentary Pina Coladas. My husband loves it there too BUT we’ve never traveled there together so 2017 will be the year.

I love Las Vegas as it is truly a 24 hour city, it’s perfect for shopping, eating fine food, entertainment, relaxing at the pool and even getting out into the dessert to see the amazing landscape that surrounds the city of lights.


Italy is one of my most visited countries. I’ve skied there, traveled around Tuscany, been to the north east coast for a long weekend and spent a week in Sardinia. Next year I want to finally visit Sicily. I am so keen to see the Catacombs and try proper Arancini. I yearn to meander along the coast in a convertible with my summer soundtrack playing something new and vibey.


I’ve only visited Greece once, years ago with an ex, to the mainland. Funnily enough, Simon has also only been to the mainland with an ex, what are the chances?! I quite like the idea of doing some island hopping. A few days here and there exploring the beaches and snorkeling in the crystal blue waters. If you have any tips on where’s best to go please comment, I love to take travel tips and advice from others.


The city of a Munich has a little place in my heart. It is one of the reasons I love Germany so much. I spent a lot of time there as a child due to my dads job. The endless summer days and the vibrant city are memories I will never forget. I did pop back a few years ago but it was for a matter of hours en-route to somewhere else, therefore 2017 IS the year I will go back. I want to hire bikes and cycle around the city, enjoy the sun in the parks and the beer gardens and get out for the day to the mountains.


Yes, I know I am not being very specific but hey, I’m not fussy. I’ve not been to any of the Caribbean islands so I am up for suggestions. Simon has been to Barbados and is keen to take me there. As long as the sun is shining, there is an amazing beach, a warm pool (hey, why are pools always so cold these days) and great food then I am happy to take the back seat on planning this one.


I’ve been to Dublin twice, once earlier this year actually but I am keen to head back again next year to see my best friend. She has lived there for a few years now and I don’t get to go much at all. 2017 will be different, hopefully we can get away from the city and check in to a spa somewhere, chill out and catch up face-to-face, no pesky Whatsapp and SnapChat needed.


Ha ha, I can’t keep away can I? I love Portugal, there is so much I want to see but after our epic wedding there this year I am keen to get back, back to Burgau and relax. Meet up with the people who helped us, who have become good friends and to visit the restaurants and bars I still haven’t been to!


I cannot believe I still have not visited Thailand. Every time I plan a trip something political happens and it is advised to avoid traveling there. 2017 will be my year to finally get there. Simon’s been to Bangkok and he’s told me so much about it but I am desperate to see it for myself, to snorkel off the islands and eat amazing street food.


2017 is the year we plan to take our honeymoon. We had a mini-moon this year as we were away for so long. We are really both very keen to get to the Maldives but we do not want to count this as our ‘honeymoon’. It’s too cliche, everyone does that! We just want to head there for a holiday, stay in a gorgeous hut over the sea and snorkel all day. Bliss.


This is a trip we have been talking about for a few years now. We plan to just pack the car up with our camping gear and head down to the South West for a bit of a road trip. I’ve heard amazing things about Pol Perro and a lot of the coastal fishing villages down that way. Hopefully we will be lucky with the weather. My only memory of Cornwall was when I was very young, I nearly got blown off Lands End in the gales. Oops.

So that is my list, my Top 10 for 2017. I can tell you now, it won’t change, these destinations will all be aimed for but what I can’t promise you is that it won’t grow. I literally spend every day planning on where I am going next so this time next week it could well increase to 20.

Have you got a Top 10, or even a Top 20? I’d love to hear your plans and dreams for next years travels.